Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Heineken Cake

I made this cake for my husband's aunt.  They're throwing a surprise party for her boyfriend, and he LOVES Heineken beer so I made a 3D Heineken can cake. Now, after making cakes for years I've learned that people love the look of fondant on cake but not necessarily the taste. You can make some really awesome sculpted cakes but it's basically like eating sugar play dough. Most people just peel the outer layer off and eat the cake inside (plus it's crazy expensive). With that in mind, I made the cake mostly out of buttercream with a few fondant accents, that way the cake is still delicious yet artful. Drink Up!!!

I stack a few cake layers and begin to dowel the cake.
This gives it internal support for the additional layers stacked on top

add a drum board the size of your cake and stack some more

there is one center dowel through the middle to stabilize the whole cake

now I crumb ice the cake and let it rest in the fridge, this will catch all those loose crumbs

now add the second layer of icing, I tinted it gray and then sprayed it
with edible silver spray (you can get it at your craft store)

I piped buttercream tab

added the fondant

now just ready for piping

I made extra cupcakes. The last time I made a sculpted cake people didn't
 want to mess it up by cutting into it so no one ate the cake.


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  1. That's pretty awesome. Like if Cake Boss was commissioned to create something for David Hasselhoff. Great job.